Types of Dentures and Understanding Their Benefits

A Simple Guide to Choosing Dentures

Types of Dentures come in many styles, each with benefits for different dental needs. Let’s explore the options:

1. Full Dentures: A Complete Smile Makeover

  • They’re For: Anyone who’s lost all their teeth.
  • Plus Points:
    • They give you back a full smile.
    • Talking and eating get easier.
    • They’re simpler than getting implants.

2. Partial Dentures: Filling the Spaces

  • They’re For: People with some teeth left.
  • Plus Points:
    • They close gaps and stop teeth from moving.
    • Easier to get used to than full dentures.
    • You can take them out for cleaning.

3. Implant Dentures: Solid and Steady

  • They’re For: A blend of dentures and implants, they’re fixed to your jaw.
  • Plus Points:
    • They’re more stable than regular dentures.
    • These feel and look real.
    • They protect your jaw from losing bone.

4. Snap-On Dentures: Click and Go

  • They’re For: Those wanting sturdy yet removable teeth.
  • Plus Points:
    • These pop out easily for a quick clean.
    • They don’t move around much.
    • Really work well if regular dentures don’t fit you.

5. Custom Dentures: Made Just for You

  • They’re For: A fit tailored to your mouth’s shape.
  • Plus Points:
    • These are comfy and look great.
    • They match your mouth exactly.

6. Immediate Dentures: No Waiting Required

  • They’re For: Use right after teeth are taken out.
  • Plus Points:
    • You won’t be without teeth.
    • They help you adapt fast.
    • Might need more tweaks as you heal.

7. Overdentures: Extra Support

  • They’re For: Sitting on top of your teeth or implants.
  • Plus Points:
    • They give firm support.
    • These can keep your jaw and teeth healthy.
    • Often, they’re cozier than full dentures.

Finding Your Fit

Choosing dentures is personal. It relies on what you need, your oral health, and what you like. Drs. Bill and Pat Parr are here to guide you. They make sure you pick dentures that fit well and make life better.

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