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Some people use lemons to help whiten their teeth. Citric acid could                                 possibly damage the enamel on your teeth.                              Cosmetic Dentistry Options below


Teeth Whitening showing before and after

Teeth WhiteningTeeth Whitening

Whether you want a whiter smile for a wedding or other special event, or just want to give yourself one more reason to smile. We can help. Parr Dental offers two effective teeth whitening options. For more information click here: Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dental-teeth-whitening-strips application

Whitening Strips

Our professional-strength whitening strips deliver more whitening power and adhere better to the teeth than over-the-counter versions. Available in packs of 20, we advise you to wear them for one or two hours a day for a noticeable change in the shade of your teeth.

Cosmetic teeth whitening with trays

Teeth Whitening Trays

Tray bleaching uses custom-made trays that hug your teeth. Prior to treatment, we will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth and create your very own trays. You then complete treatment in the comfort of your own home. Simply apply a small amount of whitening gel to your custom tray, then wear the trays for up to two hours. Typically, the best results come from doing the treatment daily for two consecutive weeks.

Cosmetic Dentistry applying veneers to woman's teeth


While veneers are typically for cosmetic purposes, new forms of cosmetic dentistry veneers are hitting the market for bite correction. These are recommended when you have mild cases of malocclusion.

Restorative Dentistry Types of Crowns


When in place, crowns cover the whole tooth. In cosmetic dentistry, Crowns are often used to protect cracked or broken teeth, to hold a dental implant or for a variety of other dental procedures.

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