Pediatric Dentistry


Did You Know?

Prehistoric Children Rarely Had Cavities.

That’s right, prehistoric civilizations had drastically lower rates of cavities despite not even having access to something as simple as a toothbrush and toothpaste!

Source: Inland Family Dentistry

Dr. William Parr examining child Pediatric Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry showing Dr. examining child's cheeks

Pediatric Dentistry

Like all dentists, Pediatric Dentistry is focused on oral health and the prevention and treatment of diseases and tooth decay. They also educate parents and other dental professionals on how best to treat children. Also, Pediatric dentists are experts at explaining procedures to children and building trust with their young patients.

The AAPD lists many methods that Pediatric dentists use to communicate with young patients, including:

  1. Positive reinforcement – Praise patients for good behavior, including sitting still and following directions.
  2. Tell-show-do – A method in which the dentist explains the treatment in words the child will understand, showing them the treatment in a simplified manner, and then starting the procedure.
  3. Tone – Pediatric dentists may use a friendlier or soothing tone for the patients to build trust and demystify an appointment.

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