About COVID 19


Latest COVID 19 Requirements

About COVID 19

We are continuing to monitor the COVID – 19 situation in our effort to keep everyone safe.

We have a screening question for you to fill out before your office visit. We will send you the screening question before the scheduled visit.

The screening question:

Do you have a fever, or are you feeling ill?

When you arrive, reply “Here” to text the message you may have received, or give us a call at (402) 556-7794 to let us know you are here for your appointment.

We will let you know if you should come into the office and wait in the car for a few minutes. We will call you back to let you know when it is okay to come into the office.

Once in the office we are no longer requiring masks for the fully vaccinated.

    Please do not bring a companion into the office if it can be avoided. However, we understand that it will be necessary from time to time for the companion will need to fill out the screening question.